Ready to Start Your Home Improvement Project?

Ready to Start Your Home Improvement Project?

Work with a specialty contractor in Snohomish, WA

It's simple! Here at Diamond City, we provide installers for a multitude of tasks. We pick out subs and employees that have years of experience and provide quality work. With this mindset, we know we can get your job done effortlessly with competitive pricing. Working with a company such as Diamond City, you are in good hands as we have multiple qualified installers in each category. This can give you a peaceful mindset as you know we will work with YOUR schedule; we have very little setbacks and we can tackle multiple jobs at multiple sizes. Our installers specialize in their category and don't jump around between categories, perfecting the trade they are in.

With such great team members, as a company we can be of service to many types of customers. As a homeowner,

  • Get your old floors removed and reinstalled
  • Change that old bathtub to a brand-new walk-in shower
  • Change the rotting siding to something fresh and new
  • Have us work with your GC during your entire remodel so that you know the final product will definitely be of quality

As for residential general contractors and home builders, contact us and we will work with you to make your project stand out to your customer. We treat every customer with the same respect and honor as we would our own which can give you a safe mind knowing your project ended up being another masterpiece.

Lastly, commercial general contractors and community home builders, we have service for you too! We strive diligently to grow as company and not lose that quality and ease we started with. Over years, we have successfully been able to achieve that. With a large and growing team in every category, we can help you tackle more and more ventures. Our biggest team are the tile installers at the moment, but every other group of individuals is not far behind. Contact us and learn how working with one company beats scouting for multiple trustworthy installers.

Dear Reader, welcome to Diamond City. My name is Dennis Andriychuk and I am delighted you stopped by. As a former general contractor, I noticed it is not always easy to preform jobs due to irresponsible and untrustworthy sub-contractors. With that in mind, I want to fill that gap by having professional and qualified installers on hand for anyone. That is why and how Diamond City came about.

Since childhood, I was among the construction business starting off as a little tile installer. As time passed, I dove into the construction world learning new trades and gathering as much knowledge in them as possible. I've worked multiple years in siding, flooring and other categories. Construction has been a passion as well as creating beautiful pieces of work for customers. That passion is what drives me to provide great services to you and anyone else.

With a goal of satisfaction and beautiful results, we take time to create teams of installers that know what they are doing and I can trust. I want this trust to be shared with you in your next project. God Bless!